Why Are Fewer Minority Children Diagnosed with ADHD?

According to Reuters Health, researchers for the study also found that minority children who were actually diagnosed with ADHD were less likely than their white cohorts to receive prescribed medication for their disorder. Medications for the disorder include Ritalin, Concerta, and Vyvanse.

The children in the study were tracked from 1998-1999 through regular parent surveys and, according to Reuters, white kids were most likely to have ADHD at each survey point (which included kindergarten and first, third, fifth and eighth grades).

By the spring of eighth grade, 7 percent of white kids had reportedly received an ADHD diagnosis, their parents said. In comparison, 4 percent of Latino kids were diagnosed, and an even lower 3 percent of black kids were diagnosed.

Morgan described the under-diagnosis of black and Latino children as a concern because it means some kids who could benefit from treatment and extra help in the classroom may be missing out.