Mexico's Textbook Blunder Causes Massive Headache

Education Secretary Emilio Chuayffet has denounced the blunder as “unforgivable,” and vowed to find the responsible party.  However, despite Chuayffet’s public pledge to get to the source of the massive slipup, his department has yet to release the list of errors to the public or the language academy members.

The news blog Animal Politico performed an independent review of the new textbooks, misspelled words, misused—or missing—accents, and placed at least one city in the wrong state.

For more than six decades, Mexico’s National Commission of Free Textbooks has printed millions of books that are mandatory for both private and public schools.  In response to the recent textbook gaffe, commission head Joaquin Diez-Candedo explained, “The telephone rings, you have to go to the bathroom. You get distracted. You miss a word.”