Watch This Mexican-American Woman's Powerful Reaction To Donald Trump


When I Heard Trump's Speech As A Mexican-American

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Where were you when you first heard Donald Trump's xenophobic pronouncement that Mexico sends "rapists", "criminals" and "drug dealers" across the border into the United States? How did you feel? Angry? Ashamed? Embarrassed? All of the above?

Buzzfeed asked a Mexican-American woman from California to detail her complicated reaction to Trump's hateful rhetoric. Carmen, 24, says she felt "terrified" when she first heard the Republican presidential candidate's now infamous speech about Mexican immigrants.

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"To witness a prominant politician speaking on national television saying these things to a cheering crowd is just unreal," she says. "Am I supposed to feel ashamed of myself? Or where I come from? It had me questioning my heritage."

Luckily, her Mexican-American mother came to the rescue with a fact-sheet about immigration in the United States. The sheet detailed how beneficial immigration has been and continues to be in our country. 

"If you know your heritage, know your roots, you need to stand in the power of that knowledge. Fear is not the American way of life," her mother tells her. "Fear is not a way to live." Watch the powerful video above!

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