WATCH: 11-Year-Old Mexican American National Anthem Singer Responds to Racism

Sebastien De La Cruz has spoken out about the flood of racist comments made about him during his recent national anthem performance. As the 11-year-old Mexican American mariachi singer belted out the patriotic song before Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Heart and the Spurs, some Twitter users began to spew racial slurs and ant-Latino sentiments about him.

“I’m highly upset that THIS kid is singing the United States National Anthem. Clearly from Mexico…” wrote @ADobTrack on Twitter.

Actually @ADobTrack (and the countless others who tweeted hateful comments), De La Cruz wasn’t born in Mexico. In an interview with FOX San Antonio, the boy who gained notoriety as a contestant on NBC's America's Got Talent brushed off the ignorance with poise.