Merriam-Webster Finally Changed Its Racist Definition Of "Nude"

Merriam Webster Changed Racist Definition Nude

The concept of "nude" colors has come under fire in recent years, primarily because nude products tend to market exclusively to white women. 

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Now, thanks to, Merriam-Webster has finally decided to change its racist definition of the word "nude." DoSomething notes that Merriam-Webster was the only dictionary to still include such an archaic definition, which read: "Having no clothes on; of or involving people who have no clothes on; having the color of a white person's skin."

On July 14 — National Nudist Day — the website launched a campaign called Nude Awakening. Over 800 members chimed in to Merriam-Webster's comments section to discuss the offensive definition. Luckily, Merriam-Webster responded, and decided to change the wording (see below.) 


In an email, Merriam-Webster's Director of Marketing, Meghan Lunghi, told the site that their old definition had been "inappropriately narrow." "We recast the definition with language that accurately reflects the word's broader meaning while also indicating more clearly the contexts in which this sense occurs," she said. 

As DoSomething notes, the language we use reflects the reality where we live. So, while this may seem like a small victory, it's actually a huge step in promoting understanding and diversity. 

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