Meet Frida, the Dog Rescuing Many In Mexico


After the 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico City on Tuesday killing over 250 people and leaving hundreds of homes, buildings and structures in uninhabitable conditions. According to official counts, over sixty buildings collapsed or were left with significant damages, marking them as unsafe and threatening conditions for rescue workers and residents. As the rescue work in Mexico City continues around the clock, there is one particular rescuer who is getting much praise from peers, officials, and fans alike—including Mexico’s very own president, Enrique Peña Nieto. Nieto took to Twitter to praise Frida, the Labrador retriever, who is a member of the Mexican Navy, SEMAR, tweeting:

 “She is Frida, belongs to the Canine Unite of @SEMAR_mx and has saved more than 50 lives in distinct natural disasters.”

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A total of fifteen dogs were deployed to search for people in the rumbles of Mexico City, but none have as many Twitter fans as Frida. The video that the Mexican navy tweeted of Frida got well over 34,000 re-tweets and over 64,000 likes. It comes as no surprise that the 7-year-old Labrador would be honored for her heroic work— throughout her career, Frida has detected fifty-two people— twelve of them still alive — in various natural disasters and has quickly become the star of the Mexican navy’s Canine Unit. Frida’s handler, Israel Arauz Salinas, told the LA Times, ‘the spaces that Frida and the other dogs have had to search are less than 20 inches high. In some places, the dogs had to crawl, getting much deeper into the rubble than rescuers could.’ Frida, along with the other rescue dogs were brought to Mexico City with hopes to detect more signs of human life among the ruins.

Check out the video posted by Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto: