Marine Veteran Rescues His Family and Provides Aid For Those In Puerto Rico

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Global community has been the theme of relief for Puerto Rico as celebrities, politicians, and citizens have come together to help the island. Everyday heroes keep showing up for Puerto Rico, and Mario Salazar is one of many who have taken matters into their own hands to help those affected.

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The marine veteran set out to the find his suffering family after Hurricane Maria destroyed the tiny island. Salazar left his home in New York City not knowing if they were alive or not. "If Donald Trump won't rescue them, I'll do it myself," said the 35-year-old male. 

Alongside his brother, Jose Serrano, the veteran dished out over $19,000 supplies for aid and satellite phones. The two flew from New York to San Juan with nine luggage full of water, food, batteries, more. "I served the US, my mother served the US, I shed blood for the US. Puerto Rican people are American people," said the veteran in a report with

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The brothers navigated their way through the rural areas of Puerto Rico in Cidra, south of San Juan. Salazar found his childhood home, where he was greeted by his mom Madelene Cintron as she ran to him in the streets. Other family members were bewildered with joy and the surprised by the act of bravery and kindness from the two brothers. "When I saw my brother's car from up the street I thought he was FEMA. I'm so proud of him," said sister, Crystal. Salazar witnessed first hand the true devastation Hurricane Maria left behind. He experienced the power outage, lack of clean water, damaged homes, cars and dirt roads. The brothers even began cutting tree limbs around their family's home. 


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"There is no gas, no phone signal. People are killing one another for a piece of bread,' wept Cintron. 'I wanted to die, I wanted to commit suicide, but I knew my son would not abandon me. He is my hero, my Hercules - the world has left us to die but he came back for us." said the mother of the hero.

Thankfully, both Salazar and Serrano mission trip saved their families lives. Salazar family expressed their fear in the future of the island and how many were harming each other for food. Though heroic acts are taking place on a day to day basis, Puerto Rico is still in need of help. Trump is set to arrive in Puerto Rico Tuesday, October 3rd.