Latino v. Hispanic: The Craziest Memes To Hit The Internet

The debate over the words "Hispanic" and "Latino" (and occasionally, "Spanish") remains one of the most contentious in Latin American and American history. How can we respectfully and accurately describe a large group comprised of people of different cultures and different nations of origin?

Most agree that "Hispanic" refers to people of Spanish-speaking origin, which includes Spain but excludes Brazil, and "Latino" refers to anyone of Latin American origin, which includes Brazilians at the exclusion of Spaniards. 

This definition isn't perfect, and it certainly doesn't please everyone. Below, see eight of the craziest memes about the endless Hispanic v. Latino debate:

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1. Latino Spanish Memes

And Mexican is not a language, ok? 

2. Latino Spanish Memes

Some people prefer to be identified by the country of their ancestry instead of using broader terms, like Latino or Hispanic. 

3. Latino Spanish Memes

Please, please don't refer to your Dominican-American friend as Spanish. That's not even a little bit correct.

4. Latino Spanish Memes

Oh, please continue discussing how much you love "Spanish" food and "Spanish" music while talking about mofongo and mariachis.

5. Latino Spanish Memes

Because not everyone who speaks Spanish is Spanish. 

6. Latino Spanish Memes

This certainly adds a different perspective to the argument. 

7. Latino Spanish Memes

Bustle broke down the differences between Hispanic, Latino and Spanish in a video starring Kat Lazo. She taught everyone a little lesson about talking about culturally distinct groups without playing to stereotypes and making incorrect generalizations. 

8. Latino Spanish Memes

Mexican-American illustrator Terry Blas fleshed out the differences between the terms in one simple comic. "[The terms] are actually not interchangeable," he wrote. "Don't worry. There's no shame. I've got you... it was a bit confusing, even for me." See the comic here