Latino Homelessness on the Rise in Los Angeles


Latino homelessness is on the rise in Los Angeles.

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According to recent reports, the number of homeless Latinos has increased by 63 percent in the last year. In comparison, the overall homelessness rate in the county shot up by 23 percent.

While the report shows increases in youth, families and veteran homelessness, the greatest growth was among Latinos, with more than 7,000 people of the demographic now without a home.

Officials believe rising rents and stale wages are behind people losing their homes, and Latinos, who often work multiple low-paying jobs, are at particular risk. Even more vulnerable are undocumented communities, many not receiving public assistance.

“I would say it’s a whole new phenomenon,” County Supervisor Hilda Solis, whose district saw Latino homelessness go up by 84 percent, told the Los Angeles Times. “We have to put it on the radar and really think outside the box when we consider how to help this population.”

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