Things Only Latinos Do on Our Birthdays

Growing up, we quickly learned that Latinxs go big or go home on everything. Birthday celebrations in particular are always a huge event. From the fiestas that last untill two in the morning to the endless amounts of food that are brought over, this is where the most incredible memories are made.

Every one of our countries has something that makes the celebration special, too. Check out some of the most unique festivities that we found down below.

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1. Chocolate Cake

Peru: For birthdays, some Peruvians indulge in un torta de chocolate (chocolate cake), but others might eat pastel peruviano, a crusty bread filled with raisins. Both are usually paired with helado lucuma, an ice cream made with the lucuma fruit, native to Peru and Ecuador.

2. Cake Smash

Mexico: After singing "Las Mañanitas," Mexican partygoers will typically push the birthday person into their cake. Downside: It puts a huge dent in the cake. Upside: It's hilarious to watch.

3. Earpulling

Argentina: Similar to birthday punches or "a pinch to grow an inch," in Argentina, you get your earlobes pulled for each year you're celebrating. 

4. Candy Shaped Fruit

Brazil: In addition to brigadeiro, a common Brazilian delicacy, Brazilians like to celebrate with tons of candy and sweets.

5. Broken Egg

Colombia: Colombianos definitely play dirty for their birthdays. It's custom for someone to crack an egg over the b-day person's head at some point during the day.