How Latinas Are Influencing Products You’ll Be Buying

Mónica Gil, who serves as the senior vice president, public affairs and government relations at Nielsen, described the “modern Latina” as ‘ambicultural’ – a woman who holds the ability to “seamlessly transcend between English and Spanish-language – two cultures – giving her a unique position in our consumer landscape.”

Gil went on to say that Latinas are a “key driver” of economic influence, which in turn gives marketers an opportunity to establish new consumer relationships by recognizing the needs and behavior trends of the group.

Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D, who is an expert in Hispanic marketing and director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University, said U.S. Latinas can do more on their own than ever before, which includes getting more education, making more money and deciding what to do with the money.

“This is true of all women, but Hispanic women in particular,” he said. He hinted that this trend is very important because Latinas from the U.S. and their consumer behavior will become a larger part of the mainstream market.”