#PanzasChingonas: Latinas Celebrate Their Bodies by Rockin' Crop Tops

The panzas are out. On Tuesday, poet and body image activist Yesika Salgado started the hashtag #PanzasChingonas to inspire Latinas of all shapes and sizes to take photos of themselves with crop tops. That day marked two years since the Los Angeles-based salvadoreña showed her bare belly in the short top herself.

“It wasn't too long ago that my large belly was the source of a lot of pain and hate for me. I wanted to celebrate that it isn't anymore,” Salgado told us. “What better way to celebrate it than with other bodies who have gone through similar experiences?”

The photos, which featured women of various shades, body types and insecurities – brought up several important conversations. From eating disorders to body-shaming in their Latinx familias, the discussions were heavy, real and important.

Click through to see some of the #PanzasChingonas and follow Salgado on Instagram for more.

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1. PanzasChingonas Yesika Salgado

"Two years ago today I bought my first crop top. I didn't know if I'd ever have the guts to wear it out in public. I did. I totally did and never looked back. I want to start a new project today. Direct Message me pictures of you in your crop tops. I want to share your beautiful belies (big/small/hairy/smooth/stretch marked) with the world."

2. PanzasChingonas gorditaapplebum

"I didn't start showing any part of my belly until my 24th year. My stomach has always been the part of my body that incites the most insecurities... but this past year I've decided to show my belly and f**k what people say."

3. PanzasChingonas amandaplease

"My panza is there and it will always be there and I will forever and always be unapologetic about showing it off."

4. PanzasChingonas jasminaminta

"Gordita Salvi pride! I grew up with everyone in my family talking about my body like it was unfortunate. Que cuerpo! It's only been a few years but I'm learning to see myself through my eyes not those who tell me I'm unworthy or flawed. Gordita xingona visibility saves lives."

5. PanzasChingonas diosafemme

"No one ever taught me how to love myself. Only to pick apart what I didn't like. And it all centered around my panza. Learning to love myself, meant beginning with my panza."

6. PanzasChingonas myxxfly

"My grandmother had the same belly, I used to lay on it while we talked and sang and watched movies. How could I love hers so much while I simultaneously hated mine? The shorter the crop top, the more sunshine I let shine on my stretchmarks the more I love this panza."

7. PanzasChingonas Raquel Reichard

"'Gordita' and 'Quelly Belly,' my familia nicknamed me, not realizing they were planting seeds to my years-long eating disorder. 'Gordibuena,' I tell myself now, fakin' my love for this cuerpo every day till it's real."

8. PanzasChingonas kayfurr

"I'm catheter-dependent and I catheterize via a stoma (a repurposed belly button tbh) on my belly. My scars are plentiful and run down the length of my abdomen. When I show it off, I feel strong. I feel fearless - like I can overcome anything."

9. PanzasChingonas attoriousa

"It's funny how my body is never good enough for the outside world. But me and the mirror have stop apologising for my space."

10. PanzasChingonas illsaygiselle

"I posted this photo after a long period of feeling super self and body conscious. It was extremely liberating to show a part of my body that I usually work so hard to cover up."