This Latina Teen’s Viral Tweets Are Saving Her Father’s Houston Panadería


We’ve seen time and time again how powerful social media can be. One Texas-based Latina was counting on just that when she jumped on Twitter in the hopes of saving her family’s bakery.

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When 18-year-old Jackie Garza heard that her father wanted to sell the business he opened just a couple of years ago after seeing a sharp decline in customers post Hurricane Harvey, she decided to take action.

Jackie’s father, Trinidad Garza, is in his 70s and has been baking since he was a kid. He immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico years ago and spent time working in the refrigeration industry. The thought of him losing out on his dream was simply too much for Jackie to bear.

"He told my mom he was thinking about selling, and he even had an offer,” the Mexican-American teen recounted for ABC 13. “I begged him not to sell, to wait for me to get through college and then make me a part owner. I know all the hard work my parents put into this. They work from early in the morning until late at night, even though we close at 5 p.m. The quality of the food and the authenticity of it is amazing."

With a mission to save La Casa Bakery and Café, Jackie took to Twitter with a video of her father making pan dulce from scratch and an impassioned note:

"My dad has a little panaderia. "He's been thinking about closing but I can't let that happen. Spread the word. One retweet could bring in a potential customer."

Within a mere 48 hours, the high school senior got the retweet she asked for and tens of thousands more; the vid has since racked up more than a million views.

Mr. Garza who “didn’t know anything about Twitter” was happily surprised that his daughter’s pleas worked: The bakery has had lots of new customers and the pan dulce has been selling like, well, hot cakes.

And she didn’t stop there: the savvy chica kept Tweeting, showing different dishes that the bakery makes and proudly showing empty pastry cases now that business has been booming.



Jackie, who plans on majoring in business and restaurant management when she gets to college, is now in charge of La Casa’s media accounts. “We’re on Yelp now, and I’m working on a web page,” she told ABC 13.

Pretty amazing.

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