Talking Sports with Latina Sports Anchors Antonietta Collins & Claudia Trejos

Univision Deportes Extra hosts Claudia Trejos and Antonietta Collins are no strangers to (silly) sports questions. Here, we got the scoop on what you should know in sports (now), the absolute hottest players and the biggest myths about Latinas and sports.

What's the biggest misconception when it comes to women and sports? 

Claudia: “That women don't know sports, that women can't be as passionate about sports, that women simply repeat what their fathers, brothers, boyfriends or husbands say…”

Antonietta: “That we are just pretty faces and we are here because it's what’s ‘in’ right now. That women in sports are used to attract male viewers… We know our sports too!”

What's some advice for sports lovers who want their man to love them too? 

Claudia: “Teach him about the game. Get him excited about that particular sport you love. You should also get him to experience the sport live! Treat him to excellent tickets to your favorite team – enjoy a beer and a hot dog and let the fun take you where it may! Watching a sport live is a great date experience.”

Antonietta: “If I was in that situation, I would start by taking him to a game. The atmosphere at a game is amazing! The entertainment, the fans, the chants, the food, the drinks, the cheerleaders… Every time I experience a live game it makes me fall in love with the sport even more. It makes me wish I was out there playing!”

What are the things you should know about sports, specifically in the summer?

Claudia: “Follow the NBA Finals. Pick your favorite team or player…know who King James is (aka Lebron James). Baseball allows for long relaxed summer afternoons. Get acquainted with the Yankees' Derek Jeter and A-Rod, and the Angels' Pujols…all great Latino athletes!”

Antonietta: “We have the World Cup qualifiers starting, which is always exciting – countries fighting for that spot to go the World Cup in Brazil in 2014! The 2012 MLB All-Star Game  is on July 10 in Kansas City. And of course, there are the London 2012 Olympic Games from July 27 to August 12.”

What's been your experience with being a sports commentator and being a Latina?

Claudia: “It has been a long, rocky and exciting road. I've enjoyed every step of the way. Over twenty years ago my father could not accept that his little girl was doing a man’s job –  his criticism became my strongest motivation. When I started I know I was not liked because I was a woman, because I was Latina...because I was both. But even more people: colleagues, athletes, coaches, viewers, etc. supported me because I am all those things. And I still get ‘tested’ constantly because I am a woman. I grew up watching the big championship boxing fights, the FIFA World Cup, America's Cup and Copa Libetadores. My father loved sports and I tagged along.”

Antonietta: You know what, there really aren’t many Latina sports commentators in the U.S. The female Anglo sports reporters have been my inspiration. But to be a Latina sports reporter is such an honor and even more of a privilege. I feel blessed and lucky to be a second generation Mexican-American living my dream, being able to tell the stories of not only our Hispanic athletes, but of all athletes. That being said, it hasn't been easy. It's a man's world… I am here because I truly love what I do.”

Who is your Latino player crush?

Claudia: “For years I had a crush on Gabriel Omar Batistuta. I finally grew out of it, but not too long ago.”

Antonietta: “Oh man, I adore Elvis Andrus from the Texas Rangers. I also like Carlos Bocanegra, he plays for the US Men’s Soccer National Team. (Easy on the eyes!) And my “gringo” crush is Louis Amundson from the Indiana Pacers; have you seen his hair? Check out his locks!”