Latin American Countries & Their Stance on Same-Sex Marriage Trumps The U.S.

Latin American countries may be strongly influenced by the values of the Roman Catholic religion, but many ideologies about marriage and gender are being challenged.

Below are four other examples of Latin American countries that have trumped the U.S. when it comes to same-sex marriage and rights - including the latest:

Brazil: The country’s National Council of Justice (which oversees the country’s judiciary) ruled this week that notary publics cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. According to legal scholars, this move by the 15-member panel “effectively legalizes gay marriage” throughout the Latin American country.

Bolivia: In 2009, the Constitution of Bolivia declared discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity illegal. However, this still limits the legal union of same-sex marriages. A bill for legalizes gay marriage presented by the National Congress is currently under reviewed by the Parliament's Human Rights Comission.