Kansas Man Deported After Being Reported By His Ex-Girlfriend


A Mexican immigrant was deported on Friday after a jealous ex-girlfriend reportedly tipped off U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement of his status. Serafin Alegria-Zamora was living in Kansas with his common-law wife and child when he was allegedly targeted by a woman that he had been in a previous relationship with, according to Kansas City Star.

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Attorney Rekha Sharma-Crawford says his deportation was executed over a complaint that her client should have been granted a special visa for crime victims.

According to the complaint, Alegria-Zamora was terrorized by his ex-girlfriend, whose "dark obsession" with him grew when she found out that he started seeing a new woman, who would become the mother of his child.

The alleged stalker sent a photo of the mother of Algeria-Zamora’s wife with a bulls-eye in the middle of her forehead, apart from the photos of dead children that she sent as well. After Alegria-Zamora's common-law wife became pregnant, the couple received a package containing a doll "drenched in red paint with a note that said, 'back off b-tch, Serafin is mine,' " according to the complaint.

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The 37-year-old had applied for a type of a visa specifically for crime victims due to his ex's alleged stalking. Sharma-Crawford says he has never been convicted of any crime aside from illegal reentry into the country and misusing a Social Security number. She says, "It's his only criminal history."

Alegria-Zamora has never seen his newborn son due to his detainment. His wife and five-month-old son remain in the United States.