WATCH: Justice Sonia Sotomayor Opens Up About Life and Career on '60 Minutes'

Justice Sonia Sotomayor sat down for an intimate interview with CBS’ Scott Pelley for 60 Minutes, which aired last night. There was a nostalgic rawness in her narrative as the 58-year-old returned to the housing projects she hails from in the Bronx. As she waved to old neighbors and proclaimed herself, “Sonia from the Bronx,” Sonia also reflected on how growing up in an urban environment has shaped who she is today.

“I am the most obstinate person you will ever meet. I have a streak of stubbornness in me that I think is what has accounted for some of my success in life. There is some personal need to persevere, to fight the fight. And if you just try and be stubborn about trying you can do what you set your mind to,” she said.

Her new memoir, My Beloved World, takes us back to her childhood growing up in a low-income household to becoming one of the most powerful and influential Latinas in the U.S. today.

Watch part of her interview on 60 Minutes below:

Check out the February issue of Latina for the feature, "A Place Called Hope," which highlights young women with big dreams being raised in the same Bronx housing project as Sotomayor.