Jorge Ramos vs. Sheriff Arpaio: Who’s Wrong & Who’s Right?

Al Punto con Jorge Ramos got heated when Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was on to discuss his investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate. When Ramos told Arpaio that he is the "face of racism and discrimation" to many Latinos, Arpaio completely disagreed. In his own version of the good ol' "but my best friend is black!" trope, Arpaio listed a few states and continents he's lived in where a lot of Latinos might be found and insisted that Latinos love him.

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Ramos accused Arpaio of making fun of the situation and kept his composure as Arpaio got on the defensive. He did not back down when Arpaio repeatedly asked "how do you know they don't like me?" and mentioned polls and personal accounts as evidence. He even went so far as to say that some Latinos consider Arpaio "the worst of America." After that, Arpaio said that people could think what they want and moved on from there.

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So who's right? Latinos come from diverse backgrounds and hold different political beliefs so it's certainly possible, if not likely, that Arpaio has a few Latinos in his group of strong supporters. But his ignorance to how most other Latinos feel about him, especially in his own state, is arrogant. It doesn't seem he's backing down anytime soon, though.

Here's a look at the interview:

Do you think there's truth to Jorge Ramos' statements during the interview?