5 Ways Jenni Rivera Planned to Expand Her Empire

Jenni Rivera was a force to be reckoned with in her genre thanks to her lyrics about female empowerment, powerhouse vocals, and loyal fan base. With over 15 million records sold in her career, the 43-year-old singer was steadily building her business empire outside of the music business too. Her life may have been cut short, but we will never forget the talent and ambition she was blessed with.

1. Jenni Rivera Future Plans: Filly Brown


Rivera was preparing to capture audiences with her movie debut in the gritty independent film, Filly Brown. La Diva de la Banda played the incarcerated mother of a young and talented aspiring rapper (played by Gina Rodriguez). Director Michael Olmos, reflected on Jenni’s performance and revealed to the LA Times, "She was so honest and open with her life. There was never a wall between her in a professional level and her in a personal level. All her scars were just there, and people can relate to that."

The film will premiere in April 2013.

2. Jenni Rivera Future Plans: Lingerie Line

Beauty Products

The “Basta Ya” singer already had her own perfume line, Jenni by Jenni Rivera, which was sold nationwide at Sears, but she was also planning to expand her beauty empire. The megastar partnered with NuMe to launch a line of quality blow dryers and flat irons.

3. Jenni Rivera Future Plans: Jeans

Clothing Line

The Long Beach-native and mogul was also planning on launching her own apparel line, including denim and lingerie, for curvy women. “I am simply a woman that has proven that you don’t have to be a size two to be successful in the music industry,” she said.

4. Jenni Rivera Future Plans: Autobiography


Earlier this year, the icon confirmed that she was working on a memoir focused on her struggles and triumphs, especially in her love life. Jenni survived domestic abuse and was a big advocate for women’s rights. In 2010, the radio host and reality television star told the Houston Chronicle, “I’m going to be the Mexican Oprah Winfrey and the Mexican Howard Stern as well.”

5. Jenni Rivera Future Plans: ABC Comedy

Comedy Series

Starring on the top-rated I Love Jenni and striking gold with her other spin-offs on Mun2 was only the beginning for the star. The mother-of-five was already on deck to produce and star in a new ABC series inspired by her life.