Jeb Bush Tells Latino Evangelicals Undocumented Immigrants Deserve Legal Status

Jeb Bush Tells Latino Evangelicals That Undocumented Immigrants Deserve Legal Status

With the 2016 Presidential election approaching, many candidates and potential candidates have been proclaiming their stance on important issues such as immigration.

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One of them being Republican Jeb Bush, who discussed immigration at the National Christian Hispanic Leadership Conference (NCHLC) yesterday in Houston. "This country does spectacularly well when everyone can pursue their God-given abilities," Bush told the group of Hispanic evangelicals. The NCHLC have backed immigration reform with a path to citizenship and have supported President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.

The presidential hopeful believes the United States has the chance to be an emerging country again. This would entail controlling the border, making legal immigration easier and “dealing with the 11 million undocumented workers who are here in this country. 11 million people that should come out of the shadows and receive earned legal status, where they pay a fine, where they work ... provide for their families, not receive government assistance and over a period of time be able to receive earned legal status."

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Other Republican presidential candidates have opposed President Obama’s executive action. Sen. Marco Rubio said he is for immigration enforcement, and Sen. Ted Cruz has criticized President Obama and thinks that focusing on paths to citizenship for immigrants is the equivalent of "putting a poison pill in the legislation."