Jeb Bush Opposes Arizona's SB 1070 Law

Jeb Bush—former President George W. Bush's younger brother and member of one of the most esteemed Republican families in the country—announced his opposition to Arizona's SB 1070 laws over the weekend.

At the National League of Cities convention in Denver, Colorado, he explained that doesn't believe racial profiling is an affective way to determine citizenship and pointed out that his half-Latino children (he is married to a Mexican woman) could be suspects.

"It's the wrong approach," Bush said  according to the Denver Post. "The net result is not much has been done."

Bush went on to criticize the call for mass deportation from anti-immigration groups, saying that the cost for such an effort would be prohibitive and that government should focus on plugging the border and integrating the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants already in the United States into American society.

Jeb Bush's point was especially aimed at local Colorado Republicans; the state senate  announced plans this year to introduce legislation based on Arizona's immigration bill, even though it has essentially been deemed unconstitutional by local courts. Jeb Bush, a party centrist, is seen by many conservatives as their main ambassador to the Latino community.

Bush concluded his speech by pointing out that his outspoken opposition to the controversial SB 1070 laws should be proof positive that he does not intend on running for president in 2012—a rumor his parents had already attempted to dispel, but that his brother and other conservatives have been pushing for.