Inspiring Young Latina of the Week: NBA Cheerleader

This week’s featured Inspiring Young Latina of the Week is named Ariana, a Latina who proves that working hard really can pay off. Through studying and working simultaneously, this 23 year-old native of Mexico became the only full Latina on the NBA Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dance team, and she’s proud of it!

Why Ariana inspires us:

While studying as a scholarship student at UC Berkeley, this Tijuana, Mexico native worked full time and cheered professionally for the San Francisco Forty-Niners. Her drive doesn’t stop there. Ariana also works at a Latino non-profit in Los Angeles. Her diversified interests make Ariana's story so unique. She told via e-mail, “I am proud of being full Mexican, love to step out of the norm, and encourage other Latinos to follow their dreams.”

Her positive attitude and motivating spirit make Ariana a great inspiration for other young Latinas. Ariana's dream of being a dancer was never an after-thought, but she knew that getting an education was important. “I never once imagined that I would be given the opportunity to attend a prestigious college while following my passion of dance,” she told us.

Now, as a dancer on the Los Angeles Clippers dance team, this inspiring Latina is proud to show the world how hard work, dedication, and commitment can make a positive difference in anyone’s life, Ariana said: “{I} feel honored to represent my family as I follow my dreams.”

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