5 illustrations Reimagining Sitcoms With Only People of Color

Ever really enjoyed a show but hoped a writer would introduce a character of color into the drama?

Well, CultureStrike’s Julio Salgado may not be a TV writer, but the social justice artist did give you what you wished for. In his latest project, Salgado reimagines some of the most popular sitcoms, like "Friends" and "Sex and the City," with casts of color.

"I grew up obsessively watching all these shows. As an immigrant teenager, I looked to these characters as a guide to be an ‘American.’ But there was something missing in a lot of these shows: people of color who looked like me. So I wanted to be very confrontational and re-imagine a lot of these characters that really mirrored this country's diversity," Salgado told Latina.

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Check out some of Salgado’s sitcom recreations ahead, and visit his website to enjoy the entire project.

1. "Friends"

"My version of 'Friends' is set in Oakland. They are mostly college students of color that met at a multicultural center. You’ll see them at protests and rolling deep at First Fridays rolling their eyes at white people taking up too much space," Salgado writes. Yes please!

2. "Gilmore Girls"

"My version of 'Gilmore Girls' is based on my mom and sister. When we first moved to the U.S. and my sister became really ill, my mom gave her one of her kidneys. That’s a bond that they will cherish for their rest of their lives," Salgado added.

3. "Roseanne"

"This Roseanne is made up of a Mexican family living in Huntington Park," Salgado imagaines. That's something we'd watch, for sure!

4. "Sex and the City"

"These are the Sex and the City girls I’d be friends with!," Salgado shares. One question: Can we join the crew? 

5. "Will and Grace"

"Grace is a Korean-American fashion designer living in San Francisco with her best friend Will, a black gay immigration lawyer," Salgado says. We're with it!