These 30 Illustrations of Parkland Shooting Survivor, Emma Gonzalez, Will Give You Hope

In the wake of the school shooting that rocked the nation many students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., are overcoming their grief by taking action. In the short amount of time after the mass shooting that killed 14 of their classmates and 3 educators they have made phone calls, used their resources, organized, and spoken out about the unfit state of our country to protect students from gun violence. Seeing children at the forefront of a revolution has inspired so many people. Oprah Winfrey tweeted that they reminded her of "the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we’ve had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard." On March 24th, in cities across the nation, people will take to the streets to march for stricter gun legislation. 

At the center of this march is one courageous student, Emma Gonzalez, a senior who has garnered attention for her anti-gun speech. She has inspired many artists and will probably go down in history for her powerful speech calling BS on politicians. Take a look at some of the artwork pieces below that have been shared all over social media.

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"The high school kids are saying #neveragain and I want to say it with them, so I created a poster inspired by #EmmaGonzalez and #wecallBS in support of the victims of mass shootings, their friends, family and the fight for a better solution. 
The poster is free to download, print and share."





"Save this image, share it, repost it, I want this spread like wildfire. Check my profile for posters and shirts. 100% of proceeds are being donated. I have been seeing people argue about how dangerous the gun the killer used was compared to other types, how it wasn't 18 school shootings since the beginning of the year but 8, how the killer was just a lone wolf and mentally unsound. It's ridiculous. 17 more people have been killed. I don't want to live in a country where kids are being killed by another that was able to get a gun he shouldn't have. I'm tired of people letting politics get in the way of the severity of this situation. I don't care what your affiliation is, but I think the fact that some people are waking up without a child or a sibling or a friend is an issue beyond politics. We need change, things need to change, we need to drop mass shootings from numbers like 345 in 2017, to 0. Gun reform needs to happen. No more thoughts. No more prayers. I stand with Emma Gonzalez."




"Firebreather These kids are badass."





"I was so moved while listening to Emma Gonzalez! A young girl with a better understanding than most politicians! Thanks Emma and everyone at your school for fighting for what is right! Emma My drawing is not perfect but I did it with a lot of love, sadness and frustration! Please contact me so I can send it to you! "


"#EmmaGonzalez is a champion of humanity. Enough is enough. The NRA is a cancer. I’m all for our rights to keep and bear arms, but it’s time for logical reform. The Gun Lobby has been put in check, you’re move Senators."



"#emmagonzalez an inspiring survivor and activist. I made this 16" x 16" drawing on canvas to try and help in whatever way I can in the fight against #gunviolence . All proceeds of this sale will go to Every Town for Gun Safety @everytown . $300. Update sold! Thank you everyone!"





"We call BS! Thank you to all these kids who are making a CHANGE. We need action now, no more thoughts and prayers"



"Made a poster for the @marchforourlives. Would be willing to make prints if there's interest--all proceeds to support the march!"



"A high school student, being powerful"



"If you haven’t watched Emma Gonzalez’s speech, go do that. She’s a powerful, inspiring young woman."



"A sketch of #EmmaGonzalez , someone who inspires and proves to this generation that we are powerful, and we will see change if we take a stand. If you haven’t already, please listen to Emma’s speech that has recently gone viral."



"We call BS"



"A high school senior in Parkland, Emma Gonzalez, has me very inspired "for our country’s future. She delivered an excellent address demanding change at a gun control rally in Fort Lauderdale. I’m hoping we may have finally arrived at a turning point in the gun debate.


"I was really moved by Emma Gonzalez’s raw words. I wanted to try to honor those many lives taken and capture her power that I hope she ploughs into the future with. "



"Dear #EmmaGonzalez you are a true hero, a voice of a generation and a force to be reckoned with. I only wish I could get the emotion into this drawing that I felt watching you speak. Your generation will change the world. I applaud you and stand by you."



"We call bullshit."



"Hope has a face, watercolor 102x102 cm"





"Parkland Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez"



"“We call B.S” - Emma Gonzalez, 2018

A portrait of an American hero"



"Ella es Emma González (18) y esta viva pero podría no estarlo. Quizás viste su discurso este sábado, en el evento que organizaron las víctimas del último tiroteo (mass shooting) en un colegio en Florida (EEUU). Yo lo ví, y la admiración inmediata que sentí por la entereza y la agudez de Emma me hicieron desear retratarla. Si no lo viste, googlealo.
Quise dibujarla como una forma de apoyar su misión desde aquí lejos. Ella dice que su escuela y la comunidad que la conforma va a cambiar las leyes para este sea el último tiroteo. Y le creo. No porque tengan un poder especial: a decir verdad tienen un escenario ridículamente imposible enfrente. Pero le creo porque NECESITAMOS creer que el cambio viene desde abajo. Nos quieren vender que los millenials no quieren hacerse cargo del futuro. Y mientras mandan BS para entretenernos en el noticiero, explotan el sistema financiero y embarran los procesos democráticos para que nadie sepa quién es el que maneja la batuta y perdamos la noción del Poder. De nuestro Poder. 
Gracias Emma por demostrar que hay líderes posibles entre la gente joven, y líderes de verdad.
No hay que dormirse.
Es lunes y hay MUCHO trabajo por hacer."



"We call BS! Emma Gonzalez is my new hero. If you don’t know her yet, look her up. We need more than just thoughts and prayers to make some real changes in this country. @kelseyglamour is raising money to donate to Everytown for Gun Safety. All donations will be matched 200% Link is in her bio as well as mine."



"Emma Gonzalez for President."





"I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights - reruns of video clips from Parkland playing on repeat in my mind - these kids and their parents’ faces in anguish - how do we keep failing our children, our teachers and schools, again and again? Why is this not a top priority in a modern, democratic society? How can I bring a child of my own into the world in this current state? I hit a point of despair. And then these kids! These kids, in the midst of their pain and trauma are speaking out with such conviction and courage. Speaking truth to power. Calling BS. Demanding to be heard. Demanding change and answers. They are the future. And they have mobilized, sparked a #NeverAgainmovement, organized #MarchForOurLives and they’re just getting louder. I only wish I could paint them all, including the ones who are no longer with us. To you, your families, and community - I am so sorry. We won’t forget you. #NeverAgain

We need to do everything we can to show up and envelope the students with love right now! The bullying tactics being used on these poor kids is atrocious yet indicative that they are a force to be reckoned with. Follow @marchforourlives @momsdemand and @everytown to get involved and speak out for #GunReformNow.

To the politicians who are bought and paid for by the #NRA, we will vote you out. It’s time to prioritize PEOPLE over guns. Text 644-33 for info on how to contact your legislators.

Artists: How can we mobilize to support upcoming marches and midterm elections? If you have ideas, please DM me."