Hurricane Maria Leaves the Island Of Puerto Rico Without Power


Hurricane Maria sent the island of Puerto Rico into a state of emergency urging thousands of people to shelter on Tuesday night. While many were able to find protection from the Caribbean storm, it destroyed many homes and left the island without power.

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"We are 100% without power," said a spokeswoman for the Puerto Rico State Agency for Emergency and Disaster Management. Authorities have even confirmed the storm has cut off all landlines as well. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello himself took to Twitter to let the world know the state of the island. "The danger continues - there is a flood warning for ALL Puerto Rico. Stay in safe places," said the official. Although over 500 shelters were set up to protect and secure the island natives, the natural disaster took the lives of seven people on the island of Dominica. With wind speeds as high as 160mph, Maria is said to be picking up strength as it reaches the Islands of the Caribbean. 

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The Puerto Rican community has documented the severity of the Hurrican Maria, with posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Frances Guzman shared a photo of the town of Carolina completely underwater below: 



Another follower took a video from the top of a rooftop to showcase the horrific events happening at the moment. Less than 10 days after Hurricane Irma, the 3,500-square-mile island was hit by Maria. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Maria is excepted to hit the small island with high winds and rain through Friday. In a recent article by WFSB, Red Cross has already taken the initiative in looking for volunteers to help in Puerto Rico. If you are unable to volunteer, please donate the island via the Red Cross here



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