HR Manager Fired After Mocking Applicant's English


 Although the Equal Opportunity Act that enforces equality in hiring procedures in the United States was passed in 1972, it seems some people have not gotten the memo. For example, a hiring manager recently got national attention for his rude and racially-fueled e-mail to a job applicant. See for yourself.

The victim, Minh Huynh, a Vietnamese man in Seattle, Washington, was threatened with being sent home by a hiring manager because of his level of English. When Minh responded to a job opportunity at Dash Delivery, he received an email from the HR manager, saying, “Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you home” with “if you no speak English” underlined.

Minh’s daughter Emily Huynh tweeted the email exchange. “Non-English speakers really have it hard bc my dad just got rejected from this job offer,” she wrote. “All of [the] emails we’re [sic] also very unprofessional & passive aggressive."

The tweet, which has been liked over 50,000 times and shared over 20,000 times, got a lot of support from other Twitter users and even a Seattle-based law firm. While some sent emails directly to the company to complain on behalf of the family, replies to the original tweet included recruiters from other companies offering jobs to Mr. Huynh. The hiring manager, Bruce Peterson, has since been fired and the company has offered its sincerest apologies to the family. In a separate tweet, Ms. Huynh has said that although many have encouraged her family to seek legal action, her father is ready to forgive and move on from the incident.

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For many immigrants and minorities in the United States, the situation of the Huyhn family is nothing new. A poll by NPR revealed that nearly 80 percent of Latinos feel discriminated against, compared to 92 percent of African-Americans, 75 percent of Native Americans and 61 percent of Asians. This incident is not an isolated one and comes at a time where reports of hate speech and discrimination have risen since the 2016 Presidential election.