How To Throw An Epic Colombian-Themed Wedding

They say your wedding day is the most important day of your life, so why not celebrate it in true Colombian style? From emeralds to coffee, here are some ideas when throwing an epic Colombian-inspired wedding. Enjoy!

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1. Colombian Dance

All eyes will be on the groom and bride as they hit the dance floor for an epic choreography. So why not "wow" your guests with a dance routine with a traditional cumbia or San Juanero. 

2. Emerald Rings

While most brides dream of being proposed with the most blinding diamond ring, us Colombian ladies only have eyes on the green. And by green we don't mean money - we are talking about emeralds. Colombia is the world's largest export of this precious gemstone, so it's only fitting to rock an emerald on your special day. I mean, who wouldn't want an enchanting cushion-cut emerald on their ring finger?

3. Coffee Party Favors

You can't have an authentic Colombian-themed wedding without some cafe. Give guests a taste of the world's best coffee with miniature coffee-bean bags they can brew up to ease their post-wedding hangover.

4. Sombrero Vueltiao

Did someone say fiesta?! Well, there is no party without Colombia's iconic “sombrero vueltiao.” The traditional hat made from caña flecha is a must-have to have guest up and moving. 

5. Tropical Paradise

While most weddings use romantic roses as centerpieces, your Colombian wedding would not be complete without some tropical blooms. Just because it's simple, it doesn't have to be boring. A vase filled with tropical leafs from the region makes for an eye-catching table arrangement.

6. Welcome to Cartagena

Nothing scream 'Romantic Getaway" like Cartagena. Located in the coast of Colombia, this historic city has quickly become a go-to place for couples. From its vibrant architectural colors to its breathtaking fortress, Cartagena is definitely one of a kind. 

7. Aguardiente Toast

Add some fuego to your wedding toast with Aguardiente. The popular Colombian beverage - also known as 'fire water' - is the perfect drink to jump start your speech. Salud!