Honda Targets Latino Millennials In Unconventional Way

Honda wants more Latinos buying their cars, and their latest round of advertisements targets Hispanic millennials in an unconventional way: by mocking how brands have traditionally approached the hard-to-define demographic.  

In their #UnBuenFit campaign, Honda pokes fun at advertisers who label young Latinos exclusively by their "hip" tastes, their "mobile" sensibilities and their "ready to fiesta" attitudes. Sure, there's a lot of things that make Latino youth different from other young adults. But, there's also a lot of things that make us same as everyone else: like the fact that we need a reliable, affordable car to take us to the movie theater or the grocery store... not the club. 

Watch Honda's #UnBuenFit advertisement (featuring Felipe Esparza) below. Is it a hit or a miss? 

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