This Comic Brilliantly Illustrates The Difference Between "Latino" & "Hispanic"

This Comic Illustrates The Difference Between "Latino" & "Hispanic"

The debate over the labels "Hispanic" and "Latino" has raged for decades. What's the difference? Is there a difference? Can't I just call everyone who speaks Spanish "Mexican"? 

Thankfully, Mexican-American illustrator Terry Blas decided to flesh out the differences between the two terms in one simple comic. 

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He admits that he simplified these very complex terms, and others may have differing opinions about the definitions. "The views expressed in this comic are mine and come from an American perspective," he wrote. "While I'm Latino and Hispanic, I'm American as well, and my experiences in respect to my ancestry and culture have been seen through that lense." However, he does defend his definition, arguing that — for the most part — people from France, Italy and Portugal don't classify themselves as Latino, and people from Brazil traditionally don't label themselves as Hispanic.

See the comic below, and sound off in the comments.