Join Our Facebook Live on the LGBTQ+ Latinx Experience with Gabe Gonzalez & Stefanie Rivera

As we continue our conversation about "Enoughness" this Hispanic Heritage Month, this week we'll be touching on some very important intersections of our identity: gender and sexual orientation. 

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I'll be leading a Facebook Live conversation with Mic's Gabe Gonzalez and Stefanie Rivera of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Within this discussion we will be addressing various points of contention within our communities, explaining why the term Latinx is significant, the specific battles that LGBTQ+ people of color face on a regular basis and what we'd like to see in the allyship from our loved ones. We'll also be sharing our personal experiences growing up as LGBTQ+ Latinxs and what we all do in our daily lives and careers to empower those who identify similarly. 

Please make sure to join us this Friday, September 23 at 1 p.m. on our Facebook page as we delve deeper into these necessary conversations.