High School Students Shout "White Power" and Spit on Latinx & Black Classmates Post-Trump Election Win

White high school students in York, Pennsylvania shouted "white power" while holding Donald Trump signs through their hallways on Wednesday.

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Kiana Aviles, a senior at York County School of Technology, was so scared that she, like many other students of color, called her parents to come pick her up early from school.

"This is not something that usually happens here," the young Latina told Penn Live. "This is crazy."

She alleges that the white students were threatening violence, and some even spit on the faces of their classmates of color.

"This is not normal," she said. "This is rare."

The violence and harassment wasn’t only directed at Latinxs, either. Students are being told to “go back to Mexico” and to “go back to Africa.”

Atayshia, a biracial ninth-grader who did not want to give her last name, saw a fight in the school cafeteria, where white students yelled that they would "deport Mexicans back to Mexico and Blacks back to Africa."

Yusef, another Black student, said he was uncomfortable. "It's not safe. I don't feel safe," he noted.

His mother learned of the incidents at York County School of Technology through social media, not the school's administrators.

"I dropped everything," the boy’s mother, Tai, said. "My children should not have to tolerate something so sinister."

Jeleny Rivera, the Latina mother of Shailynn, a tenth-grader at the school, also heard of the melee through social media.

"It really saddens me as a parent," Rivera said. "The administration isn't responding."

Her daughter attributes the growing tension to the presidental election and Trump's win.

"It's not usually like this here," Shailynn said. "It's because of the election. All these white people who are for Trump are going against all the Blacks and Hispanics. They are going around shouting white power and being racists towards Blacks. It's not safe. You are not comfortable."

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Three students have been suspended for shouting "white power," which was captured on surveillance video.