WATCH: This Guy Spits Major Truth About the Mexican Struggle in the U.S.

For anyone who thinks that Mexicans are in the U.S. to steal your jobs, take all your tax money and disrupt American values, this man has something to say to you.

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"I woke up this morning and I was inspired," the unnamed man in a video going viral begins. 

In it, he discusses how people are quick to make fun of Mexicans for standing around trying to find work, but no one knows what they go through once they actually get the jobs. 

"Have you ever pushed an ice cream truck in a hundred degree weather? Have you ever picked grapes in a vineyard? Have you ever sold oranges on the side of the road?" he asks, only a few of the gigs that he lists off. 

"These guys are working hard every day while you sit there in your air-conditioned cubicle," he continued. 

Check out the video above as this dude spits off some major truth on the conditions that Mexicans (and other low-income Latinos) go through every day.