This Video Shows What It's Like to Grow Up Multiracial

The United States loves binaries and it loves putting people in boxes, so where does that leave folks who are multiracial?

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A new video from BuzzFeed explores the struggle of growing up mixed race, from one’s ethnically ambiguous look leading to unwarranted comments and questions to the serious identity crisis that takes place within.

“When people first glance at me, the first thing they see is a white guy and usually I have to end up explaining to people that I’m half Mexican and half white,” one man said. “Sometimes I wish I could walk in and be recognized as a Mexican American.”

Some feel the pressure to conform to racial or ethnic stereotypes to be seen as “really” Latina or “really” Asian. But that can bring a host of other problems, including not being enough of one identity – or both.

“An interesting part of my journey as a young, multiethnic person growing up was rejection from both sides of my ethnic identity,” says a woman who is Danish and Indian.

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Watch the illuminating video above.