Soon-To-Be Dad Will Name His Son 'Goku Sanchez' Thanks To The Internet

Why google baby names when you can just use some internet magic? On January 24, Carlos Sanchez asked the internet to help convince his wife in naming their son Goku, based off the popular anime character. Posing for the camera, the soon-to-be father held a sign that read,"‘my wife said if I get 1 mil like [likes], I can name our son Goku.”

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One million likes may seem like a far cry from reality but once again the internet showcased the magic of viral sensations. Sanchez’s plea has now garnered over one million likes and counting. 

In a follow-up post, his wife holds a sign that reads 'I’m keeping my word. Our son’s name will be Goku Sanchez.’ Unfortunately, we did not get to see the mom-to-be’s facial reaction but I’m sure it reflects the viral reaction of the web.



Congrats to the couple and a special congrats to Carlos for his success. For social media users who helped name Goku, they can now follow updates on the baby's arrival here.