Frida Kahlo Pads Exist & We're Super Puzzled About It

There's no denying how impactful Frida Kahlo has been to Mexican and American history. Not only was the Mexican-American beauty one of the most influential artists of her time, she was a revolutionist on several levels. 

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Fast forward a century later and a touch of Kahlo’s Mexican heritage can be found pretty much everywhere. From t-shirts, makeup brushes, cups, and more her iconic fashion and beauty trends have hit mainstream media. 

Of course, the Latinx community rejoices when we see our Latina heroes grace the fabrics of a cool graphic tee, or see famous quotes on mugs. But some brands are taking the Frida trend too far and it's leaving us with major WTF moments. Recently the Saba company, known for their feminine menstrual products stamped Khalo's face on their new packaging and it doesn't seem quite right to many. 

Here's what many followers on Twitter had to say about the latest Frida-inspired pads.