Top Colleges Are Offering Free Tuition to Puerto Rican Students Affected by Hurricane Maria

As Puerto Rico struggles to get back on its feet after the catastrophic damages caused by back-to-back Hurricanes, some educational institutions have stepped in to provide a second chance to some college students.

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NYU has joined Brown University, Cornell University, and Tulane University in offering tuition assistance programs for undergraduates in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria. However, there are certain qualifications the students need to meet in order to be approved. Only undergraduate students enrolled in accredited Puerto Rican colleges and universities can qualify. They must also be proficient in english.

The best part is that the University will cover the cost of tuition for visiting undergraduate students, which is currently $24,621 for the 2017-18 school year. Additionally, Room and board ($17,578), dining hall meal plans, and student health insurance ($2,558) will be covered. 

There are, however, costs that these students must cover on their own, according to the university’s announcement. For example, accepted students are still required to pay their home institution’s regular spring tuition bills, to ensure that schools in Puerto Rico aren’t negatively affected. Also, travel expenses to and from New York City are not covered, along with course materials and/or textbooks, estimated at about $6,422. Still, it’s a great program. 

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NYU began accepting applications on Thursday for the Hurricane Maria Assistance Program, and will close on December 15. Spring registration for accepted students begins on November 20 and will continue on a rolling basis. These institutions are proving that no matter what, education is important and valuable, and we thank those who were able to bring this program into existence.