Florida Teacher 'Removed from Classroom' Following Reports That She's a White Nationalist

Dayanna Volitich, a 25-year-old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School, was found to be hosting an "alt-right" podcast under the pseudonym "Tiana Dalichov." Her podcast Unapologetic discussed topics connecting to white nationalism where she defended David Duke and anti-Semitic author Kevin Macdonald.

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 In her now-deleted Twitter account, Volitich used the platform to promote anti-Islam and anti-diversity messages. Including a post where she ironically denied the existence of institutionalized racism and white privilege. 

Volitich also spread messages about some races having higher IQ than others which is especially concerning since she taught children and some of those children may have been subjected to racial intolerance. She also gave advice on how to spread "alt-right" messages by saying, "be more covert and just start taking over those places." When a principal approached her in the past over concerns of her rhetoric, Volitich denied the accusations and later laughed about the incident in her podcast saying about the principal, "she believed me and backed off!"

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Volitich has since said that her podcast and Twitter account were a political satire to cater to the "alt-right" population. She added that it in no way has entered her professional life as a middle school teacher.