Federal Judge Blocks Controversial Texas 'Show Me Your Papers' Law


A federal judge in San Antiono, Orlando L. Garcia, blocked Texas' controversial SB4 "sanctuary cities" law. The law some called "anti-Latino" allowed police officers to question the immigration status of anyone they have even routine interactions with.

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According to The New York Times, the law "prohibits cities and counties from adopting policies that limit immigration enforcement, allows police officers to question the immigration status of anyone they detain or arrest and threatens officials who violate the law with fines, jail time and removal from office. It also directs local officials to cooperate with so-called immigration detainer requests, which allow foreign-born detainees to be transferred to federal custody after they are released from state or local custody."

The controversial SB4 law sailed through the Republican house but has been challenged as unconstitutional by Texas Democrats. The passing of the law has led to protests and even a shoving match between state politicians.



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SB4 was criticized by police chiefs in Houston and San Antonio, among other cities, because they felt it encouraged racial profiling as well as would prevent legal and undocumented immigrants from reporting crimes to police for fear of detainment or deportation.

Garcia's ruling only temporarily prevents the law from going into effect on Septemeber 1st and Texas plans to repeal the decision.