EXCLUSIVE: Sophia Amoruso Admits Who Her Favorite Latina Girl Bosses Are

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Who doesn't want to be their own boss these days? The answer is pretty much no one! 

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Latinas are known for their natural entrepreneurial skills and embracing their inner girl boss by starting their own businesses. But it can be hard to keep a girl boss mentalality when you're feeling uninspired, burnt out, or straight up overwhelmed. Most will admit that watching a motivational video on YouTube or reading a book will get them back in the game. But there's something different about being around like-minded women who want to be their own boss, have a kickass mentality, and want to create a girl boss revolution. 

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After publishing the best-seller "#Girlboss," and pairing it with "The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal for Winning at Life," entrepreneur mastermind, Sophia Amoruso brought all aspiring girl bosses together for the ultimate networking experience. On Saturday, the Nasty Gal founder, and the Girlboss squad hosted the second Girlboss Rally in New York City, bringing together top female businesswomen and today's leaders. The rally was a one-of-a-kind event which joined diverse women for insightful, honest discussions on topics ranging from communication skills, residences on the rough road to entrepreneurship, to the art of brand-building, opportunities for activism in 2017, pay equality and the complicated relationship many of us have with money. The day-long event partnered with brands such as Google Chromebook, Pinterest, Bumble Bizz, WeWork, and Women at Forbes to create a space where all could collaborate and potentially meet their next business partner. Did we also mention the array of bosses who graced the panels such as model, Ashley Graham, Teen Vogue's EIC, Elaine Welteroth, Spiritual Leader & Author, Gabby Bernstein and more. "The summit-like event brought together women from Peru, Columbia, Dominican Republic and 10 other countries for fireside chats on failure, success, and how to become your own boss in life," said Amoruso.  

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The 33-year-old money mogul acknowledged her love for Latina celebrities who have dived into the girl boss mental. "At this point, I believe J.Lo is like Google in the Latin community, she's so smart and truly embodies what it means to be a girl boss," said Amoruso. "Let me not forget about Selena Gomez who's always creating music and collaborating with the right people to get herself out there." Though Amoruso is a super fan of both chicas, she empowers her readers to have a "F**k your idols" mentality. "I feel like most of us think we want to be like our idols, and we forget to like our own idol because your idols do have bad days, you know. They are just as normal messed up as you are, and you should know that everything you see isn't everything you'll get if you ever get to meet them."According to the founder, the rally is set to evolve soon, but are still awaiting further details around future events.