WATCH: Eric Cantor Says DREAMers Shouldn't Be "Kids Without a Country"

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor made a plea for children of undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship on Saturday while being interviewed at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

According to The Huffington Post, Cantor voiced his support include a DREAM Act-like provision as part of immigration reform. "I hope strongly that the kids who are brought here as minors because their parents brought them -- for no other reason -- and they find themselves here in a country that says they don't belong," Cantor said.

Although Cantor had voted against the DREAM Act three years ago, in February he said that he said that he believes the children of undocumented immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship.

"Certainly we ought to have the compassion to say these kids shouldn't be kids without a country, and we ought to allow them the life that they deserve," he said.