Election 2012: Mitt Romney Wins Puerto Rico's GOP Primary

Mitt Romney managed to make a clean sweep during the presidential primary in Puerto Rico. Romney garnered a total of 98,000 votes – or about 83% of the total GOP vote, according to CNN. Rick Santorum collected 8% of votes, while Newt Gingrich obtained 2% of votes in the island. Santorum’s racist comments towards Puerto Rico’s statehood clearly put him at a disadvantage during the GOP primary. Santorum was quoted as saying, “As in any other state, you have to comply with this and any federal law. And that is that English has to be the main language.”

However, the controversy seemed to work on Romney’s behalf. He countered Santorum’s views and revealed that he would not have any preconditions on language in order for Puerto Rico to gain statehood. Romney reacted to his Puerto Rico win at a recent press conference by declaring that his candidacy best represents the political needs of the commonwealth.

The presidential hopeful stands up for creating more jobs with a pro-business mentality and believes in lowering taxes for business owners. "Those people who don't think that Latinos will vote for a Republican need to take a look in Puerto Rico," expressed the former Massachusetts governor.

Romney may be celebrating a win, but he isn't free of controversial statements surrounding the Latino community. His campaign ad against Santorum criticized the former senator for supporting Sonia Sotomayor's “path to the Supreme Court” when he voted for her appointment to New York’s U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Second Circuit in 1998.

The GOP primary candidates are currently plotting their wins for the primaries in Illinois and Louisiana. Romney’s win in Puerto Rico proves that his rhetoric is successfully targeting Latinos and addressing issues that matter to us.

What are you thoughts on Romney’s GOP primary win in Puerto Rico?