6 Facts You DIdn't Know About El Chapo's Beauty Queen Wife

In case you (somehow) missed it: Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán is back behind bars after a six-month long manhunt. The head of the Sinaloa Cartel escaped from prison in July 2015 via an elaborated tunnel that exited about a mile away from the maximum security where he was housed. Thanks in part to Sean Penn (yes, the actor), El Chapo has been apprehended and sent back to prison. He will likely be extradited to the United States, as he's already escaped from Mexican prison twice in his career.

You may not know that El Chapo had one drop dead gorgeous reason for wanting his freedom back: his American-born wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro Guzmán. Read on to discover more about the elusive wife of the world's most infamous drug dealer: 

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1. El Chapo Wife: Beauty Queen

1: She's a beauty queen.

Daily Beast reports that Coronel Aispuro was crowned the Coffee and Guava Queen of Canelas in 2007 over four other contenders. Some question the legitimacy of her victory, however, as El Chapo (accompanied by hundreds of gunman) flew in to the ceremony and announced his intention to marry her.

...and who said romance was dead?

2. El Chapo Wife: Age Difference

2: There's a vast age difference between her and her husband.

El Chapo reportedly met Coronel Aispuro in 2006, when he was 60-years-old and she was just 17.

3. El Chapo: Wedding

3: She married El Chapo a year after they met.

They married in 2007 on her 18th birthday.

4. El Chapo: US Citizen

4: She was born in the United States.

According to New York Post, the now 25-year-old holds dual citizenship, as she was born in the United States. She even fled to LA to give birth to the couple's twin daughters in August 2011, making them dual citizens as well. El Chapo's name is reportedly missing from their birth certificates, as he was a wanted fugitive in Mexico and the United States at the time of their births.

5. El Chapo: Low Profile

5: She's maintained a low profile since El Chapo's escape and recapture.

In fact, her lawyers filed two lawsuits in Mexican federal court to protect her after two raids on Guzmán's properties in Mexico.

6. El Chapo: Family Affair

6: Drug dealing is a family affair.

According to various reports, her uncle was a partner of Guzmán's before he was killed in a shootout with authorities in July 2010. Other sources say her father, Ines Coronel Barreras, is one of Guzmán's closest business associates. Coronel Barrera was arrested in 2013, and was reportedly in charge of marijuana production in the Durango mountains for the Sinaloa Cartel.