Earth Day 2013: For Latinos, It’s Our Nature To Care About El Planeta!

My father taught all of us, that this kind of beauty is attainable; you just have to learn to plant the seeds.

My father never used statistics to explain why he cared so much for the earth. He never sat there and lectured me about global warming, climate change, CFC’s or holes in the Ozone layer. He simply just cared, valued and felt a strong connection to the land; And I learned to care for the earth through his example.

Today, people everywhere will have strong public demonstrations of their connection to the earth; ceremonies, picnics, speeches and green banners. None of this really matters, it is the everyday connection that we have with the earth that truly matters. My parents taught me that and I am sure your parents taught you that as well. If you think hard enough, you can find memories in your own life of loved ones, caring for the earth too. That’s what we do, because the earth is part of our familia.

Let’s face it, for us, every day is Earth Day!