Earth Day 2013: For Latinos, It’s Our Nature To Care About El Planeta!

Every day is Earth Day for Latinos. Caring and tending to the earth and our community is the only way of life for us. It goes deeper than any talk of CFC’s, holes in the Ozone Layer and climate change (even though we can agree that all of those things are important).

In the simplest terms, it is about building strong communities; where children can grow free from pollution, attend good schools, play in parks, have picnics, eat safe and nutritious home cooked meals and drink clean water. More importantly, it is about honoring our strong connection to the land and nature every single day of our lives.

Last year, the Sierra Club (one of the most influential environmental organizations in the United States) in conjunction with the National Council of La Raza, published Latino voters' opinions on environmental issues. 

The following results were published:

- Indeed, more than 9-in-10 (92 percent) Latino voters agreed that they “have a moral responsibility to take care of God’s creations on this earth—the wilderness and forests, the oceans, lakes and rivers.”