Earth Day 2013: For Latinos, It’s Our Nature To Care About El Planeta!

- More than 9-in-10 Latino voters (94%) say outdoor activities such as fishing, picnics, camping, and visiting national parks and monuments are important to them and their families. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Latino voters express strong support for the protection of public lands. Nearly 7-in-10 (69%) Latino voters say they would support the president designating more public land as national monuments.

These numbers were in no way surprising to me as a Latina. When my father bought his first home, it was important that the home have a backyard. He would not buy any home, under any circumstance, without it. The home he finally purchased did have one. A swampy, filthy, dump; a set, (I thought after first seeing it) for Stephen King’s latest thriller. And the death happens, in the yard. 

By the time he finished working on his yard, my friends and I were surrounded by every color of the rainbow. He grew every vegetable, flower and bush imaginable. He spent a lot of his time, energy and money on this yard. This is where my friends and I learned the true beauty of nature and all it is capable of.