DREAMers Who Voluntarily Left U.S. Arrested When Trying to Return

Now a campaign called #BringThemHome has been created to help bring the Dream 8 -- as they are being referred to on social media -- back to the U.S.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez expressed his support for the Dream 8 via his Facebook, releasing the following statement:

I have heard about the DREAMers who attempted to return home to the United States today after deportation, including my constituent Lulu Martinez from Chicago. I hope the Obama administration will do the right thing and let them back in. To make us whole in immigration reform, I believe that people deported without a criminal record should be able to apply to return in the US. -LVG #‎BringThemHome‬

Activists and supporters of the Dream 8 group have rallied in Chicago and gathered around the detention center in Arizona.