Dove & Twitter Team Up To End Social Media Negativity With #SpeakBeautiful Campaign!

Ariana Grande recently took to Instagram to address the issue of body shaming and online bullying. Demi Lovato has long been vocal about encouraging body positivity and ending body shaming. And Iggy Azalea recently announced that she would quit social media due to negative, hurtful comments.

These three ladies have all been victims of cyberbullying — and, sadly, they aren't alone. On Twitter, women are 50% more likely to say something negative about themselves than something positive, and nearly three-quarters of women believe social media comments critiquing women's beauty are destructive to their self-esteem. 

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Dove and Twitter hope to combat negative attitudes on social media with their new #SpeakBeautiful campaign. The groundbreaking effort will launch at Sunday night's Academy Awards with an advertisement that hopes to encourage women and girls to turn ugly tweets in beautiful, positive ones.

Twitter will also unveil special technology that prompts positive talk online. When a negative tweet has been posted, Twitter will respond with constructive, accessible advice which encourages users to consider more positive language.

Watch the video above, and join the #SpeakBeautiful conversation at Dove