This 13-Year-Old Dominican Genius Just Got a Major Scholarship

This Impoverished 13-Year-Old Dominican Genius Just Got a Major Scholarship

When 13-year-old Jasuel Rivera was told his 82-year-old stepfather couldn’t afford to buy him toys, the dominicano decided he’d make his own robotic juegos using cardboard boxes and syringes. Now the teen, who is being called a genius for his fluid mechanics, is getting some funding.

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Zona5 first broke the news about the Puerta Plata-based boy in a video profile earlier this month. Jasuel learned how to create robotic toys after skimming the Internet and many books. In total, he has created 12 gadgets, including a functional semi truck, trailer and construction site equipment.

“I didn’t have money to buy one, but I saw one like this on the Internet, so I made my own,” he said. “I liked it, so I kept on doing it.” Jasuel names mathematician Blaise Pascal’s law on fluid mechanics as his greatest influence. Through Pascal’s law, Jasuel has been able to power his toys through different liquids, citing water as his best choice.

But he’ll soon have more resources to take his genius to the next level. After hearing about Jasuel’s story, the Dominican Republic’s Ministerio de Educación connected with him, providing him with a laptop and other necessary tools needed to build. Even more, the Instituto Tecnológico de las Américas awarded Jasuel with a scholarship.

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When asked if he could build utility robots that coud open cans or move items, Jasuel said, “now that a man has walked on the moon, nothing is impossible.”