Dolores Huerta and DREAM Act Protesters Launch Outreach Campaign

Legendary activist Dolores Huerta has been on a hunger strike in front of Sen. John McCain's office in Arizona for seven days in support of the DREAM act—hoping to gain attention and support for the bill, which was pushed indefinitely from a senate vote last week.

In the past, Sen. McCain has supported the DREAM Act and Huerta is urging him to reconsider his now strong opposition."Senator John McCain has associated himself with Cesar Chavez and his message for justice," explains Huerta. "So this is what the students who are fasting are saying to Senator McCain, 'Remember where you stood. You cannot associate yourself with Cesar Chavez and his life for justice and then turn your back on these students who are trying to get the DREAM Act.'" Huerta also worked with MALDEF to organize a phone-banking outreach event to urge passage of the bill in the Senate.

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda recently released a list of the "Most-Wanted" DREAM act senators--senators who have either voted for the bill in the past or indicated their interest in working together to forge a comprehensive immigration overhaul. Unfortunately, there appears to be no hope for Sen. McCain, but the following senators have indicated a willingness to listen: Kay Hagan (D-NC), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Ben Nelson (D-NE), Scott Brown (R-MA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), George LeMieux (R-FL), Richard Lugar (R-IN), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and George Voinovich (R-OH).

Be sure to call your representatives and senators and let them know that you support the DREAM Act.