Can We Talk About How Adorable These Disney 'Coco' Lotería Cards Are?

Disney-Pixar’s animated film, Coco, beautifully celebrates Mexican culture and traditions such as Día de los Muertos. The movie follows the journey of a musically-inclined boy named Miguel through the Land of the Dead, where he connect with departed loved ones. 

Now the film is paying homage to one of Mexico's most traditional games in a super fun way. Behold: The new Coco Loteria Game. Loteria, which is a traditional card game similar to bingo, is being reinvented with some new design based off the film.

"In celebration of #PixarCoco, artists have been invited to tap their imaginations and create 54 unique artworks that make up this custom Lotería set. This classic Mexican game is delightful fun for the entire family," the film's Twitter shared the exciting news.

Just in time for the holiday season, the board game is available at for $15. Check out some of the adorable cards. 

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1. La Dama

2. El Libro

3. El Mariachi

4. Canción de Recuérdame